Since 1953 we have been providing professional commercial and residential fencing solutions throughout Southern California – so we really do understand the fence business and all its pieces and parts.

  • Whether you need commonly available parts for the do-it-yourselfer or if your school district wants to install or repair your own fences, let us help you.
  • We know what’s available and where to get those special little parts that make the job easy and your installation professional and safe.
  • We stock the largest variety of parts in the southwest. Even if you want just one or 1000.
  • We can assemble and fabricate a special wall bracket and weld it to a post. If you want it hot-dipped galvanized (before or after welding) we can also do that. If you want a gate or panel to fit a special opening – give us a call, send us an email or provide a sketch.

Inventory quality, mixing and matching.

  • We purchase materials and parts from a number of reputable, regional and national suppliers and co-mingle our inventories.
  • Not all suppliers products are identical in appearance and their item lots may also vary. We will do our best to match appearances for any shipment.
  • All items are purchased to current ASTM standands for fence materials and parts.